The Cove Lifestyle

Chesapeake Cove offers residents the best lifestyle choice of all: the one they make themselves. Experience everything - or relax and move at your own speed. At Chesapeake Cove you control how you spend your time.

Sample Activity Schedule (Day)

6:00-10:00 AM Coffee Cart Open
7:00-9:00 AM Breakfast in Osprey Dining Room or in your suite
8:00 AM Walking Club leaves (water bottles available at front desk)
9:30 AM Cove Cutter Shuttle to Centre at Salisbury
10:00 AM Chair-isthenics (a seated work-out)
11:00 AM-1:00 PM    Lunch in Osprey or request a bag lunch
12:30 PM Cove Cutter Shuttle pick-up at Centre at Salisbury
2:00 PM Card Party in Main Salon
2:00-4:00PM Michener Library Nook Open
3:00 PM Garden Club meeting in Osprey
4:30-6:30 PM Dinner in Osprey Dining Room or in your suite
7:00 PM Movie & Popcorn

How to Choose an
Assisted Living Center

When looking to select an assisted living facility,consider comparing the answers to our questions:

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Did you know…

Our facility is located only 40 miles from the beautiful beaches of Maryland's Eastern Shore!

The state of Maryland's recent 2014 inspection of care survey determined zero deficiencies at our facility.  We are in total compliance with all COMAR 10.07.14, Assisted Living Programs.